Spraying robot back at base since 2003

One of the early Micothon rose spraying robots from 2003 is back at base. Our technicians have taken the owner's machine under their care to be returned after modification. The machine will be used as a spray robot in the cultivation of the silk plant Asclepias (Beatrix). The robot will be equipped with wide booms [...]

Helleborusgrower uses smart vacuum cleaner against shoreflies

Hoogeveen Plants from Hazerswoude beat two birds with one stone. Literally and figuratively. The company purchased an automatic spray robot that can easily converted into a suction system that effectively sucks the shoreflies. This environmentally-friendly method has been used by the company since last season in the cultivation of helleborus. Successfully. […]

Brainstorm session at Wageningen UR on sustainable crop protection

In the March 2018 issue of 'Onder Glas', the Dutch trade magazine for greenhouse horticulture, Henk Oosterom from Hoogeveen Plants in Hazerswoude was interviewed. Subject was the insect suction system that was developed by greenhouse machine builder Micothon for his helleborus nursery to suck up sciara. That article was also read by Prof. dr. Kirsten [...]

Greenhouse Crop Protection with Smart Spray Technology

Greenhouse Crop Protection is vital at Rose nurseries Porta Nova and SK Roses in the Netherlands. Micothon is the inventor of air-assisted spraying in greenhouses, a technique that results in better penetration and coverage and therefore in better greenhouse crop protection. Together with Porta Nova and SK Roses, Micothon developed Smart Spray Technology. Customers Aad [...]

Dutch interview with Porta Nova in ‘Onder Glas’ magazine.

In the Dutch trade magazine for greenhouse growers 'Onder Glas', Porta Nova's manager Aad van Luijk is very satisfied with the results of the Mark III version of the Micothon automatic sprayer. Download the interview in PDF Onder Glas November 2017.   Report and photos by Jan van Staalduinen, editor 'Onder Glas'.

Combining Pesticides

There may be a time when you want to combine and apply two or more pesticides plus fertilizer for either convenience, to save money, or to reduce equipment wear. When you do combine ingredients you are creating what is known as a tank mix. Tanks mixes can consist of a fungicide and an insecticide to [...]

Porta Nova chooses for 2 Micothon sprayers!

Rose Nursery Porta Nova in Waddinxveen Netherlands considers responsible cropprotection of the utmost importance. “We choose only the best” , say the directors Leon Ducker and Aad van Luijck. So they decided to hire DLV plant to perform an independent research on the best spray technology for their greenhouses. Based on the results of this [...]

Micothon has been rewarded ISO 9001:2011 Certification

Micothon, the leading firm in Greenhouse Spraying Technology is rewarded with the ISO 9001 of its quality management system for development, production, sales and services of and advice on horticultural installations. ISO9001 certification focuses on quality management ensuring that a company’s products are designed, documented and implemented according to the nationally mandated ISO 9001:2011 standards. [...]

Micothon Mira nominated for GreenTech Innovation Award!

The first GreenTech Innovation Award for the most innovative exhibit will be presented during GreenTech Amsterdam 2014, the leading international trade event for infrastructure. An international jury has selected a shortlist of nominees from 53 entries competing for the GreenTech Innovation Award 2014. Category awards will be presented in two categories equipment and production. One [...]