Let’s stop the virus with UVC UVGI technology

The current pandemic with the SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19) has an unprecedented impact on companies and public facilities. Due to the high infectivity, extreme economic and social measures have been taken to prevent spreading. Sars-CoV 2 is highly contagious and can also survive outside the human body for 3 days on commonly used materials. Regular disinfection [...]

Berry crop protection in greenhouse cultivation by Micothon

Micothon presents: The Berry! Many berry growers are familiar with the good results of the air-assisted crop protection of their open field crops. Since many growers are starting berry cultivation in tunnels and greenhouses, they are also looking for air-assisted greenhouse crop protection. Micothon is an experienced manufacturer of air-assisted greenhouse sprayers and therefore [...]

Crop protection with a vacuum cleaner? Really?

Insect extraction unit above a plant container table. People need clean and healthy food and greenhouse-grown vegetables are a very good way of supplying them. This very attractive food has to be protected against a variety of insects that damage either the fruits or the whole plants. That is why modern growers avoid [...]

Golden medal for Narva UVC crop protection system

Micothon has won a gold medal at the "Protected Soils of Russia" show with its Narva UVC machine. This exhibition, held in Moscow from 7-9 October 2020 with the support of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture, has become a leading event for professional greenhouse horticulture in 17 years.   Fight fungi with light The Narva [...]

MIRA high tech for mid-tech greenhouses up and running in Marocco

First run of Micothon MIRA in Tomatoes Our latest system for spraying in professional greenhouses without pipe-rail system is up and running in Marocco. Our team at the factory in Mijdrecht, the Netherlands, has extensively tested the MIRA on its ‘off-road’ capabilities, looking for the limits under which the machine continues to [...]

Micothon presents the new Micothon Narva UVC machine at Fruit Logistica 2020 in Berlin.

Successful testresults and proven technology against fungi Micothon has developed this chemical free application for combating fungi like mildew and botrytis in greenhouse crops. Multiple installations have been successfully implemented in 2019, thanks to a promising trial with the machine in the Dutch Wageningen University greenhouse, in which scientific research is carried out into the [...]

A long life for every rose thanks to the Topfinish from Micothon

It is possible with the new Micothon spray tunnel: the Topfinish.   The first post harvest spraytunnel against botrytis by Micothon. Properties Stainless steel spraytunnel for easy cleaning and long lifetime. Is placed over existing transport system. Removable Stainless steel sump tray for collecting overdosed fluid Special spraynozzles to minimize the needed amount of sprayfluid [...]

Again three Micothon Narva spraying machines for Russian customer

Another three Narva Spraying machines are being assembled in our factory in the Netherlands. One of our bigger Russian customers will get their 15th, 16th and 17th Narva battery driven spraying machine this month. The machines are being assembled at our factory in Mijdrecht.  After being tested at our own testfacility the machines will be [...]