M2 Gerbera Treatment

Due to the fact that gerberas have very dense foliage, combating pest, and particularly whitefly, can be quite a challenge. While the number of available plant protection products keeps growing smaller, partly because of resistance, partly because of stricter policies concerning permitted products, the importance of spraying technology to gerbera cultivation is growing all the time.

The 10 advantages of Micothon in the cultivation of gerberas:

  1. Air-assisted spraying technology results in better coverage and less growth inhibition
  2. Up to 50% savings on the purchase of ppp’s and on labour costs
  3. Professional and reliable machine with a thorough testing programme
  4. Rustproof through use of stainless steel
  5. Automatic operation without failures – any breakdown is immediately reported by mobile phone message
  6. With a 4-wheel drive spray unit there is no slipping
  7. Wall sensors/detectors guarantee precise operation along side walls
  8. Various subsidy options (e.g. Groen Label [Green Label])
  9. Option for high capacity trellywide spraying and Duponchelia treatment
  10. Extensive range of programme options, such 3 to 6 possible spraying speeds