Micothon Videos

Customers talk:

‘Better leaf coverage in dense crop with less plant protection product’

‘You spray much more uniform which saves product and time’

‘Precision spot spraying helps us to spray less and better’

Vacuum systems and custom solutions:

Vacuum systems and other Custom Built solutions.

Electrostatic disinfection systems:

A perfect start for newly grown cuttings

A longer vase life for every rose

UVC Disinfection systems:

UVC systems to protect your crop without the use of pesticides

Vegetable business:

Tomato plants on ebb and flood floors

Tomato in greenhouse without pipe-rail system

Pepper treatment on pipe-rail system

Strawberry treatment in tunnel

Treatment of Berries and Currants

Flower business:

Rose treatment with pipe-rail system

Precision Spot Spraying with Smart Spray Technology

Gerbera treatment with pipe-rail system

Miscellanious special projects:

Special projects for professional crop protection

UVGI systems to disinfect public places

Micothon Spraying equipment for outdoor crops

Micothon Spraying equipment for plastic greenhouses