Chemical free crop protection? Really?

People need chemical free and healthy food and greenhouse-grown vegetables are a very good way of supplying them. This very attractive food has to be protected against a variety of insects that damage either the fruits or the whole plants. That is why modern growers avoid the use of chemicals and rely on beneficial insects: the so-called Integrated Pest Management. (IPM)

Insect extraction unit above a plant container table.

Insect extraction: New tool for chemical free IPM.

IPM is a very dynamic process. Many factors influence the delicate biological balance between the harmful insects and the beneficial insects. Insect extraction by using a vacuum system is a newly developed technology for chemical-free greenhouse crop protection.

Forerunner in the USA!
Our customer grows young plants in containers. He wants perfectly clean plants to eliminate the risk of infections in the subsequent growth phases. And of course, he wants to do it without chemicals.

Micothon has developed a 5-meter wide solution for him that moves over the containers and extracts the insects with vacuum technology. Even during night time, the installation can automatically move up and down the bay. The machine hangs slightly above the container and the continuous strong airstream will catch the insects in the special filter.

Micothon has specialized in developing technologies for clean crop protection. We see a great future for new technologies like UVC and vacuum extraction. It will help greenhouse growers to produce healthy and clean food.

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