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New narrow spraying machine with a large wingspan.

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Micothon presents: The Flamingo!

A large grower of tomato plants was looking for a narrow spraying machine for the automatic spraying of its client’s plants. The spraying machine had to be suitable for an ebb and flood irrigation floor, narrow enough to be able to drive through the plants and high enough to also be able to treat the higher crops. Micothon therefore developed a special extra narrow spraying machine. It has a unique transport guide that keeps the machine neatly in the guide track of the floor.

Strawberry crop protection

Equipment Vegetables

An english strawberry grower was asking for a modern way of strawberry crop protection. He wants to present a clean and healthy tray of strawberries to his customers. Micothon was most happy to oblige. We are helping this grower with a fully automatic and highly efficient machine to protect the crop easlily and efficiently.

Let’s stop the virus with UVC UVGI technology


Easy to use
The UVGI+ system is battery powered and self propelled. By the push of the starterbutton the machine starts at the most effective speed. Not too fast, not too slow, just right to get the best result. The only thing the operator has to focus on is to steer the machine in the space available.