Precision spot spraying

M3 Smart Spray robot for Tube/Rail systems

The Micothon precision spot spraying spraying robot is available in a semi-automatic or a fully automatic version. The fully automatic spraying robot takes care of the completely automatic spraying of your greenhouse.
The tube/rail spraying robot uses the tubes of the heating/transportsystem in your greenhouse to drive between the beds. Also the transportunit automatically moves from one row to another on the main path.
The fully automatic robot works without human intervention.  Just set the programme and the robot does the rest. As a result your greenhouse is free of pests in just one night!

The machine is also available in a semi automatic version. The transportunit is moved by hand from one path to the next. Therefore it needs an operator to guide the machine in the process. Both versions deliver the same high spraying quality, since the spraying units are identical.

No tube/rail system in your greenhouse? Not to worry, alternatively, you can choose for the Micothon Wheeled Spraying machine. With this version there is no need for a tube/rail guiding system.

Standard equipment of Micothon Tube/Rail Spraying Robot

The basic machine comes with a number of standard features such as:

  • stainless steel construction
  • antiskid transport rollers
  • anti-collision bars for safety
  • emergency features and safety buttons
  • the best spraying nozzles for your specific needs
  • automatic driving of the spraying unit into the transport trolley
  • easy to understand user interface with touch screen in several languages.

And most of all:
Air assisted spraying comes as a standard feature on Micothon automatic spraying robots.
This is by far the most appreciated option, because it provides a far better coverage and consequently gives a much better result for your crop management. Tests show that Micothon air assisted spraying has a 79% better spraying result.

You may want to read the full report, since it gives much more background on the subject of savings using air assisted spraying. You can download the report (PDF) from our special Crop Protection webpage.

Optional extras

Because of the long list of standard equipment, the list of options is short, depending on your crop and cultivation system.

Custom made Spray Boom

The tube/rail greenhouse spraying robots can be equipped with an optional Modular Spray Boom. It can be fixed as high as your plants are so you can easily adjust it to your needs. The max. length of the boom is 9,6 m.
It allows you to spray several beds at once, therefore you save considerable time in the process.

Optional Smart Spray Technology by Micothon
Newly developed Smart Spray Technology can be ordered on the fully automatic version of the Micothon spraying robot. This technology adds smart programming functions for precision spot spraying. Our customers love it.
We recommend you to watch the video with Rosebreeders PortaNova and SK Roses about this new feature.

Most noteworthy to these first time users of Smart Spray Technology are:

  • No disruption of growth if there is no infestation, resulting in higher yield per hectare.
  • No excess spraying resulting in annual savings of ppp fluid consumption up to 80%
  • Reduction of Plant protection products is environmentally friendly
  • No unnecessary disruption of biological greenhouse balance
  • Easy to use. You can transfer the supplied greenhouse map as Excel file via USB connection
  • Software and hardware can in most cases be updated to existing Micothon Automatic Spraying Robots.
  • Return on investment is exceptionally high.

Why Micothon?

Custom Built in The Netherlands for best crop protection
In our factory in Mijdrecht, the Netherlands, we build greenhouse spraying equipment based on the length and height of your greenhouse, the track width and a large number of other factors.

Consequently, we provide our solutions on the way you operate your business:

– What sort of cultivation system are you using? Do you have a tube-rail system or not?

– What is the width of the beds?

As a result, Micothon will always supply the best solution for your integrated pest management. Our specialists in Mijdrecht work in close cooperation with our customers.

Furthermore, several special projects were started also, based on a request for a non-standard solution to a problem. Finally, that is what distinguishes us  from the competition, according to our (and your) satisfied customers.

Micothon spraying robots help you spray less and better!