Micothon Mira is the second system that is suited for plastic greenhouses. Two years after the successful EX 4-row robot was introduced, it is followed by the new one- row model: the Mira. For better, safer and easier application of modern green cropprotection products.

Customers asked us to develop a better and safer spraying system for use of the available biological crop protection products. These vulnerable bio-products require the best possible application.

Air support for the best spray results

As we all know: better spray results always reduce the costs for cropprotection and save you money. Using air support will allow you to reach the difficult places: below and behind the leaves. The result is that this successful wiping away of the threats can up to double the time between sprayturns: 50 % less spaying is a proven result.

The Micothon Mira makes this technology now available and affordable for a great number of plastic greenhouse growers all over the world.

Local maintenance

The customers that initiated the development were very clear about the program of demands regarding maintenance. The parts needed for maintenance have to be locally available for acceptable prices and the maintenance has to be done locally. For that reason the Mira is equipped with worldwide available spay nozzles and a worldwide available engine.

The spraying robot is praised for the robust, ergonomic and lightweight design (only 200 kg). The construction parts are made of stainless steel to ensure a long lifetime. Micothons stability secured technology (SST) ensures stability, traction and comfort, even on rough ground.