Cuttings: TopStart Electrostatic Spraying

For the Dutch rose breeder Schreurs, Micothon developed a fully automatic electrostatic spraying system for newly grown cuttings. The wish of the Schreurs company was

  1. to have a complete coverage of the leaves on the upside as well as the downside
  2. a maximum reduction of the amount of pesticides needed.

We realized for Schreurs:

  • Most advanced Electrostatic spray technology
  • Carefree automatic young plants disinfection
  • Guaranteed total coverage of the plants
  • Saves on costs by 80 – 90% chemicals reduction

You can see the process in the movie:

  1. The container with new plants enters the spray cabin automatically.
  2. Cabin is fully closed without emission in the working area
  3. Electrostatic technology guarantees total coverage of the young plants
  4. After total Air Cleaning, automatic exit of the container after which the cabin closes for the new cycle.