Stricter environmental and food guidelines are causing vegetable growers increasingly to opt for organic protection. A disadvantage of this is that organic products need to be sprayed in much greater volumes. It is extremely important that the contact agents do actually reach the pathogens or pest to kill it. Good spray equipment is therefore a prerequisite. Micothon makes it possible for you to spray effectively yet still keep the use of plant protection products to a minimum.

The 10 unique properties of Micothon with regard to vegetable growing:

  1. Air-assisted spraying technology results in better coverage and less growth inhibition
  2. Savings of up to 50% on the purchase of ppp’s and on labour costs
  3. Less spray residue means less cleaning or rejection of products
  4. Professional and reliable machine with a thorough testing programme
  5. 400-volt drive means no empty batteries
  6. Automatic operation without failures – any breakdown is immediately reported by mobile phone message
  7. With a 4-wheel drive spray unit there is no slipping
  8. Wall sensors guarantee a uniform spray result near the walls, thus eliminating greater risk of disease at the ends of rows
  9. Rustproof through use of stainless steel
  10. Extensive range of programming options, such 3 till 6 possible spraying speeds