Berry crop protection in greenhouse cultivation by Micothon

Micothon presents: The Berry!

Many berry growers are familiar with the good results of the air-assisted crop protection of their open field crops.

Since many growers are starting berry cultivation in tunnels and greenhouses, they are also looking for air-assisted greenhouse crop protection.

As an experienced manufacturer of air-assisted greenhouse sprayers we were asked to develop one especially for berry cultivation.

We started with a solution based on the existing Micothon wheeled sprayer. The challenge was to develop a newly designed spray boom for this 2 meter high crop with special nozzles and uniform air output.

After the usual period of testing and improvement, our team managed to get a very strong air output with a high and even airflow over the entire spray height.

The growers that work with the Micothon Berry are very enthusiastic about the great spray result.

A grower responded the same day after implementation of the machine and complimented Micothon with the result: “This is the only way to spray much better and much less. I am proud to be even better able to produce the best possible end product: a clean container of berries in the store. After all, that’s what consumers are looking for”.

The machine is used for many types of berries: redcurrant, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. They are grown in substrate as well as in the ground. The machine had to be suited for both.

Special option: also suitable for pipe rail!
One grower had a special request to make the machine ready for use on a pipe rail system. That is why we have made an extra option for him: his Micothon Berry can drive on pipe rails as well as on the ground!

The sprayer has a double set of wheels: steel wheels with which it can drive on a pipe rail system and rubber wheels so that the machine can also drive in a greenhouse on the ground.

Micothon Berry for berry crop protection

Obviously, the purchase of this Micothon Berry is also economically very attractive for the grower because less crop protection products need to be purchased. He calculated an ROI of 2 years because the crop production is higher due to much less spraying results and much less growth delay. Plants are also not very fond of chemicals.

This is yet another example of how Micothon’s many years of experience in greenhouse spraying technology is making berry production more sustainable.

“Micothon helps you to spray less and better”