Sustainable greenhouse crop protection by insect extraction.

In this video we introduce an other solution for sustainable greenhouse crop protection. Filmed at Koppert Cress, we present the Micothon vacuum cleaner for insect extraction, which is developed in co-operation with Koppert Cress and De Vette engineering, in the Netherlands.

Micothon Greenhouse Crop protection at Koppert Cress, the Netherlands

Micothon started in 2003 with fully automatic spraying robots for many kinds of greenhouses and crops. The spraying robot uses air support to make sure that the plant protection product covers almost 97% of the leaves which makes the machine very effective to fight against crop diseases.

Crop protection for future-focused companies

After implementing the spraying robots worldwide at greenhouses with vegetables, flowers and plants Micothon notices that crop protection products are short-term solutions but will not be sufficient for future-focused companies.

Sustainable Greenhous Crop Protection using Micothon Vacuum Cleaner for extraction of flying insects.

Technology for Innovators

For this reason, Micothon continues to develop machines that will make sure that crops stay healthy without any chemical solutions. Besides the vacuum clean technology recently developed, Micothon also offers UVC solutions for all different kinds of greenhouses and cultures.