New narrow spraying machine with a large wingspan.

Micothon presents: The Flamingo!

A large grower of tomato plants was looking for a narrow spraying machine for the automatic spraying of its client’s plants. The spraying machine had to be suitable for an ebb and flood irrigation floor, narrow enough to be able to drive through the plants and high enough to also be able to treat the higher crops. Micothon therefore developed a special extra narrow spraying machine. It has a unique transport guide that keeps the machine neatly in the guide track of the floor.

Micothon Flamingo spraying machine

Narrow, light and stable construction

The entire machine is built to drive through a path only 35 cm wide. The Flamingo is lightweight, but it is extremely stable with a strong frame and stainless steel sheet metal. The boom has a total width of 8 meters, wide enough to treat the entire bay in one pass. For an even delivery of spraying liquid over the entire width we use special three-way nozzles.


The machine operator simply places the machine in the centerline of the bay, starts the machine via the PLC-controlled touchscreen and sends it into the bay. The machine travels to the end of the bay, starts spraying on the way back and stops automatically at the transport cart.

Simple connection and operation

Connecting the machine for use is simple. The machine is battery powered. This means that you do not need to make an electcrial connection. The battery capacity is sufficient for two days without charging. Connecting the hose from the fluid tank and positioning the machine in front of the guide rail in the center of the bay is literally done in seconds. The touchscreen is easy to use, also for the novice user.

Micothon Flamingo Spraying machine in Tomato  plants

Automatic and safe spraying

After pressing the start ‘button’, the machine automatically moves to the rearmost position in the bay, finds its starting point there, and comes spraying back to the transport cart. The hose automatically winds up again. The Flamingo has a stable transport trolley with which the operator easily moves the machine from one bay to the next.

The machine operator safely manoeuvers the cart thanks to its swivel wheels, without risk of damage to people, crops and machine.

Large capacity and sufficient battery life

The capacity of the Flamingo is 1 ha. per hour. In practice, this means that a complete bay of 8 meters wide and 70 meters long is treated within four minutes. The rechargeable battery in the machine is sufficient for two days.

Durable and thoroughly reliable

Micothon builds its sprayers for a long life in harsh conditions. That starts with a strong frame and stainless steel sheet metal. We only use parts and components that have been tested and proven to be reliable.

Would you like to know more what the operator thinks of this new spraying machine? Then watch the testimonial video on our YouTube channel.

More info? Read all about the advantages on our productpage and contact Theo Straathof at Micothon for more information.