Garden Plant Sprayer

Light weight spray booms, developed for Dutch garden plant grower

A Dutch garden plant grower was looking for a compact solution for the automatic spraying of his crop. To protect outdoor crops as economically and efficiently as possible, a modified installation had to be developed.

Light weight
The offered solution from Micothon is a specially developed installation for this customer which can run in the space that is only 30 cm wide between the tables with plants. We work with newly developed lightweight booms of 6 meters left and right. The two spray booms are adjustable in height.

The machine automatically chooses the right row to spray the plants with a spray width of 12 meters. We are proud of this nice compact solution.

Based on the proven reliability of the Micothon automatic spray robot, with the necessary adjustments for outdoor use, this is another strong piece of development technology from the team in Mijdrecht.

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