Vacuum systems for insect extraction

Growing food without chemicals is a dream slowly coming true for many greenhouse growers. One of the available technologies coming up is the vacuum extraction of insects.

It is a proven system to control flying insects. The technology is for instance used in young plants. With the more powerful systems it is also possible to suck insects out of bigger plants.

Sustainable greenhouse crop protection in cresses.

Developed in co-operation with Koppert Cress and De Vette engineering, in the Netherlands to combat flying insects in cresses.

Sustainable and effective crop protection against Sciara.

A Micothon spraying cart was converted to an extractor with four hoods and fans which can cover four flowerbeds with a total width of 8 meter.

By fully automatic daily treatment, the insects are easily controlled without the use of pesticides. The technology proved to be successful which opens up many possibilities for likewise applications.

For young plants propagation it is especially important to start free from harmful insects. Automatic vacuum extraction is a very attractive way to protect them against flying insects without the need of chemicals.

Your advantages with regard to Micothon’s vacuum extraction of insects:

  1. You have no costs for chemicals.
  2. Plant growth is not slowed down by spray fluid so more production for you.
  3. With this innovative technology, you satisfy the customers “no residue” wish: You will become a frontrunner in the market.