Golden medal for Narva UVC crop protection system

Micothon has won a gold medal at the “Protected Soils of Russia” show with its Narva UVC machine. This exhibition, held in Moscow from 7-9 October 2020 with the support of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture, has become a leading event for professional greenhouse horticulture in 17 years.

Fight fungi with light

The Narva UVC is a machine that is used in greenhouses to combat fungi with light instead of chemicals. The machine was introduced at the Fruitlogistica in Berlin in February 2020 and there was great international interest in such an environmentally friendly solution.

Micothon International has a branch in Moscow and presented the Narva UVC to the Russian public. During the fair, the machine was declared the winner by a jury in the category “The introduction of new agro-technological developments in greenhouses”.

Treatment of packaged cut flowers

Micothon also had a real first for the Moscow fair: the TopFinish spray tunnel, which treats packaged cut flowers to give them a longer vase life. In the Netherlands, it has already been installed with a number of rose growers to great satisfaction.

Proud of gold medal

Micothon is proud of the gold medal and jury recognition for the Narva UVC machine. Winning this innovation award supports Micothon’s motto: ‘We help you to spray less and better!’

More information and a short video of the Narva-UVC disinfection installation and of the TopFinish spray tunnel can be found on the Micothon website portfolio pages.