Spraying machine for Ebb and Flood floors

Micothon has developed a special spraying robot. Our team has designed the Flamingo especially for use in professional greenhouses with ebb and flood floors. The machine is easy to operate. No electrical connection is needed because the machine is propelled by a powerful battery. Setting up the machine for bay-wide spraying is simple.

The construction of the machine is light-weight and sturdy. One operator can easily handle the machine. Transport from one bay to the next is effortless.

The robot has a capacity of 1 ha. per hour. This means that the Flamingo takes less then 4 minutes to complete a bay of 8 meters wide and 70 meters long. The operator simply positions the machine in the center line of the bay, starts the machine via the PLC controlled touch screen and sends it away. The machine runs to the end of the bay, and starts spraying on the way back and stops automatically at the transport trolley.

The robot base is only 35 cm wide to enable it to run on a very narrow path. The transport trolley to move the machine from one bay to the next is easily manoeuverable by hand.

You need no electrical connection, which means that setup of the spraying machine is simple. Just connect the hose of the fluid container, and position the machine at the centerline of the bay and you are ready to go.

We equiped the spraying boom with 3-way nozzles, for uniform deposit of spraying liquid.

Advantages of the Flamingo spraying robot in short:

– Baywide sprayboom
– One hand positioning
– PLC controlled
– Specially developed for ebb and flood floors
– 3 way nozzles
– Capacity 1ha/hour
– Uniform deposit
– Automatic hose reel
– Only 35 cm wide
– 2 days on 1 battery charge
– Light weight
– Easy to transport to next bay

The machine is easy to handle, and is very effective according to this satisfied customer in his testimonial:

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