M2 Rose Treatment

Roses are the most cultivated ornamental under glass. The development of pests such as aphids, thrips, spider mite and whitefly has taken off at a rapid pace in recent years. Factors contributing to this include an increase in the amount of growing light, the limiting of plant protection products and the introduction of new cultivation systems. It has become increasingly clear that the modern grower can no longer get by without a solid crop protection plan.

Micothon assists modern rose growers with a fully automatic spraying robot with a unique air assisted technology. This brings you a significant reduction of plant protecting products and also in large savings in terms of labour costs and time.

The 10 advantages of Micothon in the cultivation of roses:

  1. Air-assisted spraying technology results in better coverage deep inside your dense rose crop so you will have better spray results.
  2. Better spray results mean less spray rounds and bring you up to 50% savings on your costs for crop protection products.
  3. With Micothon you need less spray rounds, so you also have less labour costs.
  4. Every sprayturn the plants will get stress and will stop growing half a day. So, less sprayturns with your Micothon gives you more growth and brings you up to 10 % more money for your roses.
  5. Micothon produces professional and reliable machines that guarantee you to be ready when you need them.
  6. High quality through use of stainless steel brings you a long lifespan.
  7. Fully Automatic operation for carefree operation.
  8. 4-wheel drive and wall sensors guarantee you a precise operation at the side walls
  9. Sprayer can be equipped with a baywide sprayboom for high capacity
  10. You will have an extensive range of programme options to make you spray less and better.