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New narrow spraying machine with a large wingspan.

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Micothon presents: The Flamingo!

A large grower of tomato plants was looking for a spraying machine for the automatic spraying of its client’s plants. The spraying machine had to be suitable for an ebb and flood irrigation floor, narrow enough to be able to drive through the plants and high enough to also be able to treat the higher crops. Micothon therefore developed a special extra narrow sprayer. It has a unique transport guide that keeps the machine neatly in the guide track of the floor.

Crop protection with a vacuum cleaner? Really?


People need clean and healthy food and greenhouse-grown vegetables are a very good way of supplying them. This very attractive food has to be protected against a variety of insects that damage either the fruits or the whole plants. That is why modern growers avoid the use of chemicals and rely on beneficial insects: the so-called Integrated Pest Management. (IPM)

Golden medal for Narva UVC crop protection system

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Micothon has won a gold medal at the “Protected Soils of Russia” show with its Narva UVC machine. This exhibition, held in Moscow from 7-9 October 2020 with the support of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture, has become a leading event for professional greenhouse horticulture in 17 years.