A long life for every rose thanks to the Topfinish from Micothon

Treat packaged roses against diseases that may arise during transport and at the florist’s. It’s possible with the new Micothon spray tunnel: the Topfinish.

The Topfinish handles the ready-to-send roses just before they enter the cold store. This considerably extends the vase life of the flowers!

The Micothon Topfinish is a spray tunnel with electrostatic nozzles. In the Topfinish, electrically charged spraying agent is applied to packaged roses just before they go into the cooling. Thanks to the static charge, the liquid enters the flowers much deeper and there is no drift, so that the grower can work with much less spray. The excess liquid is of course collected.

Micothon has developed the Topfinish in collaboration with one of the largest rose growers in the Netherlands. The new installation has of course been tested extensively. The installation is based on the Micothon Topstart, which has been developed for the electrostatic treatment of seedlings.

Meanwhile, Micothon has been commissioned by several international rose growers to deliver a custom-made Topfinish.

Properties of the Topfinish spraytunnel:

  • Stainless steel spraytunnel for easy cleaning and long lifetime.
  • Is placed over existing transport system.
  • Removable Stainless steel sump tray for collecting overdosed fluid
  • Special spraynozzles to minimize the needed amount of sprayfluid
  • Micro drops to keep the flowers dry as possible
  • Electrostatic spraying for best coverage.
  • Filter system included
  • Anti drip system included
  • Adjustable spraytime
  • Optic sensors for automatic startup of sprayproces.
  • Adjustable pressure control with pressuremeters.
  • Automatic lighting in tunnel for checking of spraysystem.
  • Removable pressure tank 10-50 L Stainless steel with Automatic airmix system.
  • Removable side panel for easy cleaning.
  • Operates with diluted sprayfluid mix.
  • Deposit adjustable by pressure and spraytime. (up from 0.007 l/bucket (0,7 L for 100 buckets)
  • Clean compressed air and 220 volt connection to be supplied by customer.

More info about the Topfinish spraytunnel? Contact us and challenge us with your request!