Flora UVC

New key to modern chemical free plant protection against fungi.

UV beams are part of the natural sunbeams and largely around us on a sunny day. One of the wavelengths from the UV beams(the Uvc wavelength) kills virusses, bacteries and fungi. This property can be used for Uvc disinfecting, and is a commonly used technology in food and medical sectors. Micothon develops and produces mobile and stationary solutions that can control and kill the fungi on growing plants in greenhouses.

About UVC:

UVC systems are cost effective and environmentally friendly. Many thousands of applications are in use today disinfecting water for millions of people around the world. The field of ultraviolet technology is receiving much attention from consumers, business, academia and government. The absence of chemicals makes it a safe and green technology. The economic advantages make it attractive to increase the number of possible applications. Harnessing the power of Ultraviolet technology to improve the water, air and environment provides a significant and lasting benefit to humans everywhere.

Extended use against mildew and botrytis in greenhouses: FLORA UVC

There is a growing demand from producers and customers to decrease the amount of pesticides needed for crop protection.

Micothon developed several solutions to make this technology ready for practical use on life plants in greenhouses.

UVC crop protection is financially and socially very attractive.

The benefits of the technology in greenhouse crops are:

  1. Modern technology for forerunners who see the changing customers demands.
  2. Large savings on costs for chemicals and sulfur. Your savings: Up to 0,50€ / m2/year.
  3. Higher production: no spraying so no grow delay due to fungi spraying. Your profit: Up to 1€/m2/yr.
  4. Higher production due to healthier, shinier crop. Your profit: Up to 0,20€ /m2/year.
  5. Beneficial Biology is not affected by chemicals so you have less costs for replacement.
  6. Low operational costs ( for electrical power less than 1 €/hr.)
  7. Employees can safely continue with harvest and crop care immediately after application; so higher productivity.

For more information, e-mail Theo Straathof at Micothon.

Micothon Flora UVC: Let the light protect your crop!