Demo UVC

New UV-C installation against mildew in test set-up put into use.

We are proud of the collaboration with Van Alphen Soft Fruit Plants in the Netherlands. A test set-up was recently put into use at Van Alphen to treat strawberry plants against fungi with UV-C light.

Micothon specializes in developing technologies for clean crop protection. Theo Straathof of Micothon sees a great future for new technologies such as UV-C and vacuum extraction. It helps greenhouse growers to produce healthy and clean food.

Proven UV-C technology

Micothon has extensive experience in integrating UV-C light solutions into existing cultivation systems for various crops. The machine that Micothon has developed is based on the UV-C crop protection technology to combat mildew in roses.

Custom installation for every crop
The machine for Van Alphen had to be suitable for the tube-rail system in the greenhouse and high enough to effectively reach the strawberry plants with the UV-C light installation. Micothon built the test installation based on the proven technology of the Narva pipe-rail transport trolley, which is the standard in crop protection. The UV-C lamps mounted on the trolley have automatically operated protective covers.

Benefits of UV-C treatment

  1. You will have large savings on costs for chemicals.
  2. Beneficial biology is not affected by chemicals so less costs for replacement.
  3. You will have low operational costs; just electricity for the lamps.
  4. You will have no grow delay due to fungi spraying.
  5. Higher product quality due to a healthier and more biological crop.

Simple and safe operation
The operation of the machine is simple. The machine operator simply places the machine in front of the pipe rail of the bay, starts the machine via the PLC-controlled touch-screen and sends the machine into the bay. The machine is battery powered, so no electrical connection has to be made. Operating the machine is also a simple operation for the novice user.

Durable and thoroughly reliable
Micothon builds its machines for a long life in harsh conditions. That starts with a strong frame and stainless-steel sheet metal. We only use parts and components that have been tested for a long time and proven reliable.

Would you like to know more about the Micothon UV-C solutions? Watch the video here and contact Micothon to challenge us with your request!