One of the first generation of Micothon rose spraying robots has recently been re-developed for a second life in berry cultivation.

Our team has rebuilt the machine completely for an optimal result in the 2 meter high berry harvest. The machine is equipped with the proven Micothon air-assisted spraying technology. This guarantees an exact spraying result.

Micothon’s challenge was to develop a newly designed spray mast, with special nozzles and uniform air output for use in berry cultivation.

This Micothon can drive on pipe rail as well as on the ground! The robot has double wheels: steel wheels with which it can drive on a pipe rail system. With an extra set of rubber wheels the machine can also drive on plain ground in a greenhouse.

The berry grower responded immediately after delivery and implementation of the machine. ‘ This is the only way to spray much better and much less. I am proud to be even better able to produce the best possible end product: a clean container of berries in the store. After all, that is what consumers are looking for.’

It is of course also economically attractive for the grower because less crop protection products need to be purchased. The production is higher because less spraying results in less growth delay. Plants do not like chemicals very much.

This is another example of how Micothon’s many years of experience with greenhouse spraying technology is making berry production more sustainable.

“Micothon helps you to spray less and better”

More information? Call Theo Straathof at Micothon and challenge us with your request.