The current pandemic with the SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19) has an unprecedented impact on companies and public facilities. Due to the high infectivity, extreme economic and social measures have been taken to prevent spreading. Sars-CoV 2 is highly contagious and can also survive outside the human body for 3 days on commonly used materials. Regular disinfection of areas where many people come together greatly reduces the risk of contamination.

UVC disinfecting is a proven technology in HVAC systems and in the foodindustry. UVC is used to disinfect air, water and surfaces.

Micothon has many years of experience in the production of mobile UVC machines that protect growing plants against fungi, bacteria and viruses using UVC technology. Based on this knowledge and experience, Micothon has developed the self-propelled UVGI+ for disinfection of common rooms in buildings. The UVGI+ simply and effectively disinfects common areas in buildings, killing viruses and bacteria and greatly increasing human safety in the building.

Spraying of disinfectant is a more commonly used technique to disinfect surfaces after cleaning. The best possible way to disinfect areas in public places is to combine both techniques. That is why we have built a unique system with UVC germicidal lamps and a disinfectant spraying cart combined.

UVGI + spraying = UVGI+
The machine is developed using UltraViolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI). UVGI kills airborne viruses without human risks. It is combined with an optional automatic disinfectant spraying system.

The Micothon UVGI+ is perfectly suitable for treatment of school facilities, medical centers, public transport, offices, hotels, waiting rooms, shopping malls and all kinds of public spaces.

UVGI disinfection in public places

Easy to use
The machine is easy to operate. The UVGI+ system is battery powered and self propelled. By the push of the starterbutton the machine starts at the most effective speed. Not too fast, not too slow, just right to get the best result. The only thing the operator has to focus on is to steer the machine in the space available. The compact UVGI+ is designed to disinfect all rooms in a building with an entrance of at least 2.00 m high and 0.90 m wide.

The UVGI+ is equipped with 2 technologies:

1. UVC lamps for dry disinfection. The UVC light causes bacteria and viruses to disintegrate without leaving any residue.

2. Option: additional sprinkler system for disinfection with liquids.

You can easily disinfect a room by driving around for a few minutes to let the UVC light kill bacteria and viruses.

The system is reliable, based on a combination of various proven concepts:
– The driving technology is used for many years already in pulling transport carts in professional greenhouses.
– The UVC technology is used worldwide in food technology and meets the highest standards in that sector
– Disinfecting by spraying is a widely used technology with guaranteed success.

UVC is safe when used properly.
While UVC light is all natural and kills viruses in seconds, human eyes and skin should not be exposed a long time. UVC is invisible. The lamps we use also produce a certain visible portion of the light spectrum to warn you that the UVC light is active.

To assure the safety of the public, the UVC units close automatically when the machine stops driving to prevent exposure to the people around.

The operator must cover all parts of his skin with protective clothing. To prevent damage to the eyes, the operator must wear the facemask that is provided with the machine.

Safety first:

Skin protection is mandatory: UVC cannot pass through the skin surface. In areas with thinner skin like our face, UVC can cause redness, similar to sunburn. Given the high energy of the shortwave UVC radiation, not much is needed to see the effects. The effects can be easily prevented by covering the skin.

Eye protection: UVC light can irritate the mucous membranes of our eyes (such as sunburn). This can feel painful, a burning sensation like sand in the eyes. This effect is also referred to as welding eyes or snow blindness. Our eyes can be easily protected by wearing any safety goggles or face mask.

Safety features equipped with the UVGI +:

1. The UVGI+ automatically closes the flaps as soon as the machine stops driving.

2. The operator is protected by a plexiglass shield.

3. The UVGI+ is equipped with a safety switch to prevent collision with the operator.

General safety rule: bystanders should not work within 5 m of the UVGI+ if it is working.

More info?
For more information and prices, contact Theo Straathof at Micothon via e-mail.

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