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Spraying machine for Ebb and Flood floors

Micothon has developed a special spraying robot. Our team has designed the Flamingo especially for use in professional greenhouses with ebb and flood floors. The machine is easy to operate. No electrical connection is needed because the machine is propelled by a powerful battery. Setting up the machine for bay-wide spraying is simple.

The construction of the machine is light-weight and sturdy. One operator can easily handle the machine. Transport from one bay to the next is effortless.

The robot has a capacity of 1 ha. per hour. This means that the Flamingo takes less then 4 minutes to complete a bay of 8 meters wide and 70 meters long. The operator simply positions the machine in the center line of the bay, starts the machine via the PLC controlled touch screen and sends it away. The machine runs to the end of the bay, and starts spraying on the way back and stops automatically at the transport trolley.

The robot base is only 35 cm wide to enable it to run on a very narrow path. The transport trolley to move the machine from one bay to the next is easily manoeuverable by hand.

You need no electrical connection, which means that setup of the spraying machine is simple. Just connect the hose of the fluid container, and position the machine at the centerline of the bay and you are ready to go.

We equiped the spraying boom with 3-way nozzles, for uniform deposit of spraying liquid.

Advantages of the Flamingo spraying robot in short:

– Baywide sprayboom
– One hand positioning
– PLC controlled
– Specially developed for ebb and flood floors
– 3 way nozzles
– Capacity 1ha/hour
– Uniform deposit
– Automatic hose reel
– Only 35 cm wide
– 2 days on 1 battery charge
– Light weight
– Easy to transport to next bay

The machine is easy to handle, and is very effective according to this satisfied customer in his testimonial:

If you have a problem to solve, contact the specialists at Micothon and challenge us with your request!

Micothon helps you to spray less and better!


Berry crop protection in greenhouse cultivation by Micothon

Micothon presents: The Berry!

Many berry growers are familiar with the good results of the air-assisted crop protection of their open field crops.

Since many growers are starting berry cultivation in tunnels and greenhouses, they are also looking for air-assisted greenhouse crop protection.

As an experienced manufacturer of air-assisted greenhouse sprayers we were asked to develop one especially for berry cultivation.

We started with a solution based on the existing Micothon wheeled sprayer. The challenge was to develop a newly designed spray boom for this 2 meter high crop with special nozzles and uniform air output.

After the usual period of testing and improvement, our team managed to get a very strong air output with a high and even airflow over the entire spray height.

The growers that work with the Micothon Berry are very enthusiastic about the great spray result.

A grower responded the same day after implementation of the machine and complimented Micothon with the result: “This is the only way to spray much better and much less. I am proud to be even better able to produce the best possible end product: a clean container of berries in the store. After all, that’s what consumers are looking for”.

The machine is used for many types of berries: redcurrant, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. They are grown in substrate as well as in the ground. The machine had to be suited for both.

Special option: also suitable for pipe rail!
One grower had a special request to make the machine ready for use on a pipe rail system. That is why we have made an extra option for him: his Micothon Berry can drive on pipe rails as well as on the ground!

The sprayer has a double set of wheels: steel wheels with which it can drive on a pipe rail system and rubber wheels so that the machine can also drive in a greenhouse on the ground.

Micothon Berry for berry crop protection

Obviously, the purchase of this Micothon Berry is also economically very attractive for the grower because less crop protection products need to be purchased. He calculated an ROI of 2 years because the crop production is higher due to much less spraying results and much less growth delay. Plants are also not very fond of chemicals.

This is yet another example of how Micothon’s many years of experience in greenhouse spraying technology is making berry production more sustainable.

“Micothon helps you to spray less and better”

Wheeled Spraying Machine

The wheeled spraying machine uses the same Micothon technology as the automatic robot, but is operated by hand – you walk through the glasshouses with the wheeled machine. The great advantage of a Micothon wheeled machine compared to a standard wheeled machine is the patented air-assisted system used during the spraying. This guarantees the best possible coverage of foliage and less use of herbicides and pesticides.

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The advantages:

  • Easy to use
  • Reduces your annual ppp use by as much as 50%
  • The machine is propelled automatically so it does not require muscle power to move the spraying robot
  • Saves an average of 25 hours of labour per hectare
  • Speed can be adjusted from 0 to 40 metres per minute
  • Cable rewinds automatically while the spraying robot moves to another row
  • Long life and low maintenance thanks to the use of stainless steel
  • Reduces growth inhibition in your crops by up to 2.5%.


Especially for low costs spraying Micothon created a battery driven tube rail spray car with improved systematic spray result.

The Narva battery driven tube rail spray car for greenhouse spraying!

  • Less use of chemicals due to regular spraying
  • Easy operating: Hose reels automatically
  • Less human contact with pesticides
  • One person can do the spraying
  • Drives 1 whole working day on full batteries

The Micothon Narva is automatically propelled, which results in uniform coverage of the foliage and improved working conditions.

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To find out more about the Micothon Narva, e-mail Theo Straathof for more information.


Micothon Mira is the second system that is suited for plastic greenhouses. Two years after the successful EX 4-row robot was introduced, it is followed by the new one- row model: the Mira. For better, safer and easier application of modern green cropprotection products.

Customers asked us to develop a better and safer spraying system for use of the available biological crop protection products. These vulnerable bio-products require the best possible application.

Air support for the best spray results

As we all know: better spray results always reduce the costs for cropprotection and save you money. Using air support will allow you to reach the difficult places: below and behind the leaves. The result is that this successful wiping away of the threats can up to double the time between sprayturns: 50 % less spaying is a proven result.

The Micothon Mira makes this technology now available and affordable for a great number of plastic greenhouse growers all over the world.

Local maintenance

The customers that initiated the development were very clear about the program of demands regarding maintenance. The parts needed for maintenance have to be locally available for acceptable prices and the maintenance has to be done locally. For that reason the Mira is equipped with worldwide available spay nozzles and a worldwide available engine.

The spraying robot is praised for the robust, ergonomic and lightweight design (only 200 kg). The construction parts are made of stainless steel to ensure a long lifetime. Micothons stability secured technology (SST) ensures stability, traction and comfort, even on rough ground.

Precision spot spraying

M3 Smart Spray robot for Tube/Rail systems

The Micothon precision spot spraying spraying robot is available in a semi-automatic or a fully automatic version. The fully automatic spraying robot takes care of the completely automatic spraying of your greenhouse.
The tube/rail spraying robot uses the tubes of the heating/transportsystem in your greenhouse to drive between the beds. Also the transportunit automatically moves from one row to another on the main path.
The fully automatic robot works without human intervention.  Just set the programme and the robot does the rest. As a result your greenhouse is free of pests in just one night!

The machine is also available in a semi automatic version. The transportunit is moved by hand from one path to the next. Therefore it needs an operator to guide the machine in the process. Both versions deliver the same high spraying quality, since the spraying units are identical.

No tube/rail system in your greenhouse? Not to worry, alternatively, you can choose for the Micothon Wheeled Spraying machine. With this version there is no need for a tube/rail guiding system.

Standard equipment of Micothon Tube/Rail Spraying Robot

The basic machine comes with a number of standard features such as:

  • stainless steel construction
  • antiskid transport rollers
  • anti-collision bars for safety
  • emergency features and safety buttons
  • the best spraying nozzles for your specific needs
  • automatic driving of the spraying unit into the transport trolley
  • easy to understand user interface with touch screen in several languages.

And most of all:
Air assisted spraying comes as a standard feature on Micothon automatic spraying robots.
This is by far the most appreciated option, because it provides a far better coverage and consequently gives a much better result for your crop management. Tests show that Micothon air assisted spraying has a 79% better spraying result.

You may want to read the full report, since it gives much more background on the subject of savings using air assisted spraying. You can download the report (PDF) from our special Crop Protection webpage.

Optional extras

Because of the long list of standard equipment, the list of options is short, depending on your crop and cultivation system.

Custom made Spray Boom

The tube/rail greenhouse spraying robots can be equipped with an optional Modular Spray Boom. It can be fixed as high as your plants are so you can easily adjust it to your needs. The max. length of the boom is 9,6 m.
It allows you to spray several beds at once, therefore you save considerable time in the process.

Optional Smart Spray Technology by Micothon
Newly developed Smart Spray Technology can be ordered on the fully automatic version of the Micothon spraying robot. This technology adds smart programming functions for precision spot spraying. Our customers love it.
We recommend you to watch the video with Rosebreeders PortaNova and SK Roses about this new feature.

Most noteworthy to these first time users of Smart Spray Technology are:

  • No disruption of growth if there is no infestation, resulting in higher yield per hectare.
  • No excess spraying resulting in annual savings of ppp fluid consumption up to 80%
  • Reduction of Plant protection products is environmentally friendly
  • No unnecessary disruption of biological greenhouse balance
  • Easy to use. You can transfer the supplied greenhouse map as Excel file via USB connection
  • Software and hardware can in most cases be updated to existing Micothon Automatic Spraying Robots.
  • Return on investment is exceptionally high.

Why Micothon?

Custom Built in The Netherlands for best crop protection
In our factory in Mijdrecht, the Netherlands, we build greenhouse spraying equipment based on the length and height of your greenhouse, the track width and a large number of other factors.

Consequently, we provide our solutions on the way you operate your business:

– What sort of cultivation system are you using? Do you have a tube-rail system or not?

– What is the width of the beds?

As a result, Micothon will always supply the best solution for your integrated pest management. Our specialists in Mijdrecht work in close cooperation with our customers.

Furthermore, several special projects were started also, based on a request for a non-standard solution to a problem. Finally, that is what distinguishes us  from the competition, according to our (and your) satisfied customers.

Micothon spraying robots help you spray less and better!


The outdoor environment is far more complex than the controlled conditions within a glasshouse. That’s exactly why Micothon built a spraying machine specially for outdoor crops.

EX Spraying in plastic greenhouses

The Micothon EX has been developed especially for spraying in plastic greenhouses. The Micothon EX ensures an improved systematic spray result. This simplified design uses the Micothon air-assisted spraying technology for a relatively low cost.

Spraying in plastic greenhouses, even nowadays, still continues to be done mainly by hand and is therefore largely reliant on the person who operates the sprayer. This means that pests and diseases are increasingly gaining the upper hand.

What’s more, the machine is automatically propelled, which results in uniform coverage of the foliage and improved working conditions. Because of the reduction in plant protecting products use, you will recoup the cost of your investment in less than 1.5 years!


  • Optimal protection of Foil Greenhouses
  • Dramatic reduction of PPP’s
  • Improve your companies sustainability
  • Human friendly spraying solution
  • Earn this investment back within 1 year!


The Micothon Amur is the spraying machine developed by Micothon especially for greenhouses without piperail. This battery driven spray car for low cost spraying we created for easy operating and better spray results.

The battery driven spraying car for greenhouse spraying!

  • Less use of chemicals due to regular spraying
  • Easy operating: Hose reels automatically
  • Less human contact with pesticides
  • One person can do the spraying
  • Drives 1 whole working day on full batteries

The Micothon Amur spray car is automatically propelled, which results in uniform coverage of the foliage and improved working conditions.

Find all technical information here: Leaflet Amur (PDF).


Micothon is the inventor of air-assisted spraying in greenhouses, a technique that results in better penetration and coverage and therefore in better protection.

Specially for commercial greenhouse growers we developed a customized spraying machine that can be placed upon your existing M-Lift tube rail trolley. Discover the patented air-supported Micothon Spraying Technique brought to you by Micothon

  • Smart use of the Tube-rail M-Lift
  • 79% better spraying results with patented air-supported technique
  • Dramatic Reduction of Plant Protection Products (PPP’s)
  • Optimal Crop Protection
  • ROI within one year

The low start-up investment of the Micothon Amazone spraying machine will help you to implement a sustainable Integrated Pest Management Program at the lowest costs while ensuring dramatic reduction of PPP’s.