Project Description

The Micothon tube/rail spraying machine is available in a semi or a fully automatic version. The fully automatic spraying robot takes care of the completely automatic spraying of your greenhouse; just set the programme and it does the rest, in just one night your greenhouse is free of pests!

The semi automatic Micothon delivers the same quality as the fully automatic version, but someone needs to be present to control the spraying machine.

Optional extra: The tube/rail greenhouse spraying machines are available with an optional Modular Spray Boom. This allows you to spray several beds at once.

Micothon spraying robots help you spray less and better!

The way your spray unit is put together is extremely important and will depend on the length and height of your greenhouse, the track width and a large number of other factors. We base our recommendations on the way you operate your business: – What sort of cultivation system are you using? – What is the width of the beds?