Rose Nursery Porta Nova in Waddinxveen Netherlands considers responsible cropprotection of the utmost importance. “We choose only the best” , say the directors Leon Ducker and Aad van Luijck. So they decided to hire DLV plant to perform an independent research on the best spray technology for their greenhouses.

Based on the results of this research the board of directors has decided to purchase 2 fully automatic Micothon machines. “Off course we are very proud of that”, says Theo Straathof, director of Micothon. “A customer who arranges own and independent research and confirms what our salespeople proclaim, is one of the best things that can happen to a serious company like Micothon.”

Three spray systems in one machine

For Porta Nova it was very important to be flexible regarding possible spray technologies. Sometimes only a light correction is needed to support the active biological protectors, sometimes it is necessary to cover 100 % of the leaves especially the ones well hidden in the midst of the beds and sometimes there are problems concentrated in the top of the plants demanding a quick and targeted top spraying. For these practical reasons the decision was made to equip the machines with three spray systems.

Both machines are therefore equipped with the well-known Micothon air supported technology. As the second option 2 vertical booms can be mounted that are adjusted to the crop’s leaf density. As the third option the 8 meter wide horizontal spray booms can be mounted. It may be interesting for the technicians: both Micothons have an elevated air chamber, a high driving speed and they automatically prevent overdose on the plants close to the concrete alley.


Porta Nova is an innovative and customer oriented greenhouse company, 12 ha total, focusing on the growing of Dutch High Quality roses. Listening well to customers wishes and determine the production towards those wishes, has led to the fact that they conquered a strong position in the market. Quality focused thinking has become an obvious habitude throughout the whole organization.