Mildew control in roses is a part of the research at Wageningen University & Research (WUR).

For this ‘Perfect Rose’ project, Senior researcher Kirsten Leiss of the Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture has invited Micothon to deliver a special FloraUVC robot for this mildew research.

The aim of the research is to establish scientifically how great the effect of UVC light is on mildew fungi. These fungal infections can be combated with UVC.

Micothon has extensive experience in integrating UVC light solutions into existing cultivation systems for various crops. The FloraUVC installation is built on the proven technology of tube-rail robots from Micothon and Metazet. Thanks to improved technology and intelligent programming of the machine software, the machine is safe for people and crops.

The photo shows the machine as it is put into operation in the test greenhouse.

A short video of the first few meters in the greenhouse, filmed by Theo Straathof in the testfacility.


More information on our FloraUVC solutions describing the advantages of UVC with a productvideo can be found on our special FloraUVC webpage.