In 2002, Micothon built a first series of 20 Spintmaster sprayers. Many of those machines are still being used by various growers in different crops. The Spintmaster distinguished itself from other spraying machines by the patented air-assisted spraying.

Micothon Spraying machine in our factory
The Spintmaster in the photo, is one from the first series. After years of use in two rose nurseries, this machine is now back in our factory, where it is completely overhauled. The stainless steel chassis of the machine is still in perfect condition, the wearing parts are completely replaced.

After the usual test drive on our test site, the machine is delivered ‘as new’. With factory warranty. This is another good example of the reliability and long service life of the original machine design. These series were the base for the development of the fully automatic spray robot from Micothon.

The Spintmaster has been delivered to a German gerbera grower. We are convinced that the new owner can work a long time without problems and he will be able to do the cropprotection much more effective and with a lot less crop protection products.

Want to know more about the advantages of this sprayer? Read about the Spintmaster or e-mail Theo Straathof at Micothon.