The IRIS! Scout robot is officially presented to the jury of the GreenTech Innovation Award 2018. The Concept Award will be presented during the GreenTech 2018, which takes place on 12,13 and 14 June at the RAI in Amsterdam. In order to develop the IRIS! Scout robot, a special international partnership was concluded in 2017 between three companies, each with their own specialism in the greenhouse horticulture sector, Metazet FormFlex, Micothon and the Canadian company Ecoation. The IRIS! Scout robot can be seen at our joint stand at the GreenTech 2018.

IRIS! Scoutrobot

IRIS! Scoutrobot scouting Tomatoes

IRIS! Scoutrobot by Metazet Formflex, Ecoation and Micothon is presented to the Innovation Concept Award Jury of GreenTech 2018

The three companies have entered the partnership in 2017 to change the way we produce and protect the plants in greenhouses. The IRIS! Scout robot is able to recognize diseases, pests, deficiencies and other deviations in crops at an early stage. The IRIS! Scout robot is able to count the number of fruits and access their color, gives a crop forecast and information about the climate and the environment in the greenhouse. With this, the IRIS! Scout robot offers a unique intelligence to make the crop protection efforts more efficient. This ensures a substantial saving on labor and plant protection products and a reduction in harvest loss.


Different specialisms come together

The IRIS! scout robot combines the various expertise of the three companies in the greenhouse horticulture sector. Metazet FormFlex has been the market leader for over 40 years in the field of (cultivation) technology in greenhouses, cultivation gutter systems, harvest systems and supplier of AGV and other mobile solutions for the horticultural sector. Micothon was founded in 2002, but the founders of the company have more than 30 years of experience in the greenhouse sector. They produce all kinds of advanced equipment for crop protection. The cooperation between Metazet FormFlex and Micothon has been around since 2010, with both companies combining their specialisms with different solutions for crop protection.

Ecoation is a relatively new party in the market. From 2010, the company developed advanced detection technologies that can recognize diseases in crops at an early stage. The CEO of the company, Dr. Saber Miresmailli (r), is a well-known plant scientist and entrepreneur in Canada. He has already won several international awards in the field of science and innovation in the horticultural sector.


IRIS! Scoutrobot at GreenTech 2018

Come to see us at our joint stand at the GreenTech 2018, stand number 12.107. Our specialists will gladly tell you more about it. The trade fair will take place on 12, 13 and 14 June at the RAI in Amsterdam. You can register on the GreenTech website.