As usual, we do a final test at our factory in Mijdrecht before a Micothon machine is made ready for shipment.

To be able to carry out these tests in a realistic way, we have our own tube-rail test track on our factory site. But this week we had to come up with a different plan to be able to test the plant sprayer. The 12 meter wide machine was too wide for our own test track. Fortunately our neighbours brought a solution because we were allowed to use their parking lot.

The spray robot will be delivered and assembled this week. The machine will be used in the open air, in aisles with only 30 cm space between the plant tables. The machine automatically chooses the right row to spray the plants with a spray width of 12 meters. We are proud of this nice compact solution.

We thank the people at Loonbedrijf Straathof for making their property available. On the photo you can see part of the test of the entry and exit of the spray installation, in the parking lot, without a pipe-rail system.

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