One of the early Micothon rose spraying robots from 2003 is back at base.

Our technicians have taken the owner’s machine under their care to be returned after modification. The machine will be used as a spray robot in the cultivation of the silk plant Asclepias (Beatrix).

The robot will be equipped with wide booms at the Micothon plant in Mijdrecht. The control system is also adapted, after which the machine can be used on the existing tube-rail system for spraying multiple paths in one go.

We are especially proud of the fact that this machine will start its new life for biological treatment of thrips by spraying nematodes who eat the thrips. Since these microscopically small nematodes are a living product, the spraying robot had to be adapted for this application.

The stainless steel construction of the Micothon robot was already sturdy and durable. The purely biological crop control by spraying nematodes instead of pesticides adds to the sustainability of the spraying robot.

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