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Most sustainable crop protection solution

Insect Vacuum Air Solutions developed by Micothon

Micothon is the world market leader in vacuum air solutions for insects. Since they started developing vacuum solutions, many growers with a wide variety of crops have expressed their interest and asked for advice and solutions.

This has resulted in several successful applications for all kinds of different crops. The clients vary from cress growers, strawberry growers in the Netherlands and even lettuce growers in the United Arab Emirates. The latest machine invention is the insect vacuum machine for an Alstroemerias grower.

Micothon Mico Air teaser video is live!

Just before our summer season in the Netherlands, we received a nice amateur video made by our customers who can’t wait to show their colleagues footage of our Mico Air vacuum systems in use. Many of our test setups are already live and definitely worth looking at. Micothon’s Mico Air vacuum technology can be used not only for cress, lettuce, strawberry and gerbera. Discover the possibilities and challenge us!

Starting points during the development process of the vacuum air solution is that the machine must work effectively, user-friendly and autonomously. You can set the machine according to your crop needs such as suction power, speed and number of treatments.

The desire and need for the most sustainable crop protection solution is urgent. That is why Micothon is flexible in (re)inventing and (re)developing the vacuum air solution for all different types of crops. For every cultivation system, greenhouse and crop, Micothon is ready to adapt current machines to make them 100% functional and suitable for every grower.

The vacuum technique shows great results, even in the complicated fight against cicadas. At a later stage we will share more insights about the application against cicadas.

Sustainable solution for crop protection

Micothon started in 2003 with fully automatic spraying robots for many types of greenhouses and crops. The spraying robot uses air support to ensure that the crop protection product covers almost 97% of the leaves, making the machine very effective in combating crop diseases.

After the implementation of the spraying robots worldwide in greenhouses with vegetables, flowers and plants, Micothon notices that crop protection products are short-term solutions, but not sufficient for future oriented companies. That is why Micothon continues to develop machines that ensure that crops remain healthy without chemical solutions.

In addition to the recently developed vacuum cleaning technology, Micothon also offers UVC solutions for all different types of greenhouses and crops.


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