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Vegetable cultivation

Producing healthy and safe food, with as few chemical agents as possible

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Tomato and cucumber

Vegetables under glass such as tomato and cucumber are often susceptible to powdery mildew. For this, Micothon has various spray techniques available with or without air support, and Mico Light can also be used to prevent and combat powdery mildew through UVC light treatment.

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Lettuce cultivation

In lettuce cultivation, insects pose a threat. For this, Mico Air is an effective solution through insect extraction using suction techniques.

Mico Air Cress crop


In the case of sprouts at Koppert Cress, you can see that the small sprouts quickly attach themselves firmly to the mat they grow on with their roots. This makes it possible to suction all harmful insects from the crop using powerful suction techniques.

See Micothon technology in action for vegetable cultivation

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