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Protecting trees and cuttings with a combination of Mico Spray, Mico Air and Mico Light technology

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In cutting cultivation, fungi pose one of the major challenges. Young plants require a lot of moisture to root at relatively high temperatures. An ideal environment for fungal growth, such as phytophthora and pythium. In a later stage, aphids pose a threat in cutting cultivation.

For cutting cultivation, Micothon offers various spraying systems for automated and/or spot-specific spraying. For combating fungi in cutting cultivation, light technology with UVC (Mico Light) is an effective solution.

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Powdery mildew in Prunes

Various diseases occur in tree cultivation. An example of the application of Micothon technology is the use of Mico Light to prevent and combat powdery mildew in Prunes.

Where normally from late June to early September sometimes spraying against powdery mildew must be done every week, a lot of spray material can be saved by replacing spraying with a UVC light treatment using a Mico Light machine.

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Whitefly quarantine for export to the UK

50% of tree exports in the Netherlands go to the United Kingdom. There, trees must be quarantined due to whiteflies. In Micothon's vision, Mico Air could provide a solution by placing trees for export in a separate room where air is blown through the trees on one side and all air, including the whiteflies, is sucked out on the other side. A great example of how you can look at achieving IPM goals with broader air technology.

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