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Ornamental horticulture

Producing healthy and pristine flowers and plants with minimal use of chemical agents

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In ornamental horticulture, one of the major challenges is to ensure maximum crop penetration in denser crops. For this purpose, air-assisted spray techniques such as Mico Spray are an effective solution.

When combating insects in ornamental horticulture, the question almost always revolves around how to reach the insects. In addition to air-assisted spray techniques, the use of Mico Air insect suction technology is a solution, where pests are sucked up using high-performance tangential fans.

Mico Spray precision

Spot spraying

Diseases in ornamental horticulture often occur in patches. By identifying these hotspots with the assistance of a scout in an easy-to-use spreadsheet, the Micothon spraying machine knows where to spray and where not to. You can also determine whether to use more or less agent on a spot-by-spot basis. This way, specific and precise spraying can be done, resulting in significant savings on agents.

Mico Light Roses

UVC in roses

Many rose growers use UVC to prevent and combat powdery mildew. Daily exposure to UVC prevents a large percentage of infections and reduces the use of agents by up to 90%.

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