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Solutions for full-field, spot-specific, air-assisted, and automatic spraying.

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In the field of spray technology for greenhouse horticulture, Micothon has developed a wide range of different spraying systems suitable for almost every crop and situation. A characteristic of Micothon is that we customize all our spraying systems per grower based on the specific company situation and preferences.

The time when only full-field sprays were possible is long behind us. Micothon greenhouse spraying systems include not only advanced conventional systems but also solutions for air-assisted spraying and spot-specific spraying. And for almost all systems, the choice can be made for manual, semi, or fully automatic operation.

Micothon spray machines help you spray less and better. The results show significant savings on PPP (plant protection products) and labor costs.

Mico Spray Narva 2

Conventional spraying

In many crops and for many conditions, full-field spraying is an effective solution. Micothon offers 3 proven effective spraying systems: The Amur, Flamingo, and Narva. These can be operated manually, semi-automatically, or fully automatically. Worldwide, more than 200 growers use these reliable spray machines.

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Mico Spray Amazone Air Assisted

Air-assisted spraying

Micothon is the inventor of air-assisted spraying in greenhouses. This technique results in much better penetration, coverage, and effectiveness. Practical tests demonstrate the ecological and economic benefits of air-assisted spraying.

The results with the first 20 air-assisted Micothon M2 spray machines, compared to traditional spraying systems, show significant advantages.

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Mico Spray precision

Spot-specific spraying

In greenhouse horticulture, it often happens that plagues occur in spots. For this, Micothon has developed a technique based on a spreadsheet schedule that allows you to indicate where spraying should and should not be done.

By scouting, you determine where the conditions are located, and that information is processed in the spreadsheet that controls the Micothon spray machine.

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Stationary spraying

See Mico Spray stationary spraying machines in action