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Mico Light

Mold control based on light technology, without the use of chemical agents

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UV rays are part of natural sunlight and are largely present around us on a sunny day. One of the wavelengths of UV rays (the UVC wavelength) kills viruses, bacteria, and molds. This property can be used for UVC disinfection and is a widely used technology in the food and medical sectors.

Micothon develops and manufactures mobile and stationary solutions that can control and kill molds on growing plants in greenhouses.

Mico Light seamlessly fits into Greenhouse IPM 2.0

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UVC systems are cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Many thousands of applications are in use today to disinfect water for millions of people worldwide. Ultraviolet technology receives a lot of attention from consumers, businesses, academia, and governments. The absence of chemicals makes it a safe and green technology.

UVC light treatment has also proven to be highly effective in greenhouse horticulture and strongly contributes to society's desire to further reduce the use of chemicals in horticulture. Reason enough for Micothon, as a specialist in crop protection technology, to develop various effective applications for greenhouse horticulture, fitting into Micothon's Greenhouse IPM 2.0 vision.

With Mico Light, Micothon now offers a wide range of solutions in the field of UVC light treatment for various crops in greenhouse horticulture.

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Mico Light P9160024
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