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Crop protection

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Our vision on crop protection

In horticulture, the aim is to minimize the use of chemical substances, which is an ongoing process. The approach of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) aims to protect crops in an economically responsible way through a combination of management and methods. In our vision, technology plays a crucial role in this process.

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Light and air as new technology

In the field of IPM technology, Micothon has developed various new techniques, eliminating the dependence of horticulture on traditional spraying methods. In addition to the continuous development of spraying techniques, we have developed new systems based on light and air technology.

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Integration of techniques

The integration of spray, air, and light technology offers the greenhouse sector various opportunities to achieve IPM objectives even more effectively. As a pioneer in the field of greenhouse crop protection technologies, Micothon has developed the Greenhouse IPM 2.0 model. This model enables the greenhouse sector to assess, in each situation, which combination of technologies yields the best economic and phytosanitary results.