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Circular steps

What circular steps has Micothon taken?

Tackling and eradicating pests spot by spot instead of treating entire fields results in a significant reduction in the use of resources.

Some of our machines are over twenty years old, yet they still run like new. The foundation is solid stainless steel, and we can replace worn parts. We ensure that new parts are interchangeable with nearly all models.

By carefully considering design and taking existing models into account from the outset, we can upgrade almost all existing machines. This can greatly extend the machines' lifespan.

We also reuse old machines. We dismantle them and assess what parts we can reuse. We apply the latest techniques to make them work as efficiently as possible.

Parts that cannot be reused are recycled. Material by material, oil from the gearboxes, cables separately, and in general, we strive to minimize waste.

Additionally, we collaborate closely with the customer to find a suitable solution for their specific problem.

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What circular steps does Micothon still want to take?

We plan to create an international network of technicians. Currently, our technicians travel around the world to install or maintain machines.

Additionally, we aim to expand our remote monitoring technology to more models. This will allow us to monitor and analyze machines from a distance, eliminating the need for a visit to the customer every time. It will also enable more accurate timing for replacing wear parts.

Being circular is not a marketing gimmick for us. Our customers are aware that we deliver machines of very high quality, and we consider circularity as a valuable addition.