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UVGI+ stops viruses before they spread

In our factory in Mijdrecht, The Netherlands, we have built a unique system with UVC germicidal lamps and a disinfectant spraying cart combined. UVGI + spraying = UVGI+ The machine is developed using UltraViolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI), which kills airborne viruses without human risks, and an automatic disinfectant spraying system (+) = UVGI+ Usability The [...]

MIRA high tech for mid-tech greenhouses up and running in Marocco

First run of Micothon MIRA in Tomatoes Our latest system for spraying in professional greenhouses without pipe-rail system is up and running in Marocco. Our team at the factory in Mijdrecht, the Netherlands, has extensively tested the MIRA on its ‘off-road’ capabilities, looking for the limits under which the machine continues to [...]

A long life for every rose thanks to the Topfinish from Micothon

It is possible with the new Micothon spray tunnel: the Topfinish. The first post harvest spraytunnel against botrytis by Micothon. Properties Stainless steel spraytunnel for easy cleaning and long lifetime. Is placed over existing transport system. Removable Stainless steel sump tray for collecting overdosed fluid Special spraynozzles to minimize the needed amount of sprayfluid Micro [...]

Light weight spray booms, developed for Dutch garden plant grower

A Dutch garden plant grower was looking for a compact solution for the automatic spraying of his crop. To protect outdoor crops as economically and efficiently as possible, a modified installation had to be developed. Light weight The offered solution from Micothon is a specially developed installation for this customer which can run in the [...]

Narva Spraying machines ready for pick-up

Micothon Narva spraying systems are the entry class for automatic spraying in professional integrated pest management in greenhouses. One of our Russian customers has decided to invest in an automatic Narva spraying machine. With this, he makes the step to better quality spraying, the reduction of labor and lower operational costs. The installations are assembled [...]