In the March 2018 issue of ‘Onder Glas’, the Dutch trade magazine for greenhouse horticulture, Henk Oosterom from Hoogeveen Plants in Hazerswoude was interviewed. Subject was the insect suction system that was developed by greenhouse machine builder Micothon for his helleborus nursery to suck up sciara.

That article was also read by Prof. dr. Kirsten Leiss from the Wageningen University (WUR). As Senior Plant Health Researcher, she focuses on sustainable crop protection and the reduction of pesticide use. She is very interested in the solutions Micothon provides for less spraying and better results in integrated pestmanagement.

This month, the Dutch organisation of greenhouse growers LTO, organizes a discussion panel with greenhouse horticulture entrepreneurs, researchers and a number of suppliers, brainstorming about the possibilities to design greenhouses and greenhouse equipment so that the disease and pest pressure is lower.

Theo Straathof from Micothon is invited by Prof. dr. Leiss for that session. Theo, from his vision as a machine builder, will not only explain the suction installation. After all, Micothon has also gained extensive experience in combating bacteria and fungi with the aid of UVC radiation.

Theo is also very curious about the results of that session. We will undoubtedly read more about it in the trade press soon.

You may want to read the Dutch interview on the Hortinext website.