Scouting is one of the most important tasks for greenhouse agronomists. Their goal is to detect diseases, pests, deficiencies and other plant abnormalities at an early stage. The scouting results are the key to the prediction of crop stress. Correct scouting prevents disease outbreaks through timely treatment.

However scouting becomes more and more complex. Automatic scouting would be the solution to better understand and learn from previous results to predict diseases and prevent crop loss.

Together with our partners Metazet Formflex and Ecoation we present a complete solution for automatic scouting. It consists of the IRIS!Scoutrobot and the OKO Multi Purpose scouting trolley.

Automatic Scouting at Stijger Greenhouse

IRIS! Scoutrobot 2019 at Stijger Greenhouse The Netherlands

IRIS! Scoutrobot for automatic scouting

The IRIS! Scoutrobot, introduced during Greentech 2018 (and Winner of the Innovation concept Award) is more than a scouting robot. It is a self-propelled trolley that operates automously in greenhouses with a pipe-rail transport system.The advantages are:

  • better prediction of crop stress development
  • more efficient crop protection efforts
  • considerable savings on labour and plant protection products
  • prevention of disease outbreaks
  • reduction of crop loss
  • better yield forecast

The robot is fitted with the patented SABER sensor for measuring;

  • humidity
  • ambient temperature
  • CO2
  • temperature of the plant
  • photosynthetic active radiation

Scouting and yield assessment

With our Deep Learning Machine Vision platform we count the fruits of your plants. We evaluate their color for a true evaluation of your total yield. The predicted fruitcount is based on the detection and measurement of the flowers on the plant. This data can be used in your forecasting model for your ERP system for sales and marketing purposes.

OKO Scouting trolley

The OKO scouting machine is multitasking trolley for your scouts and greenhouse workers. It runs on concrete or on the pipe-rail system inside the row. The SABER sensor does the scouting whilst the driver performs other tasks.

OKO Scouting trolley

OKO Multipurpose Scouting trolley with lift

Scouting Industry Partners

One of the Dutch Industry Partners is Stijger Greenhouse. Find out more about our automatic scouting solutions from this video. Kees Stijger talks about his experience with the IRIS! Scoutrobot, ‘an ideal employee’.


More info?
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