Extraction systems

Micothon spraying cart with tube/rail drive was converted to an extractor with four hoods and extractorfans which can span up to four flowerbeds wide. Insects are easily controlled without the use of pesticides.

Micothon Wheeled spraying machine

The wheeled spraying machine uses the same Micothon technology as the automatic robot, but is operated by hand – you walk through the glasshouses with the wheeled machine. The great advantage of a Micothon wheeled machine compared to a standard wheeled machine is the patented air-assisted system used during the spraying. […]

Micothon Flora UVC greenhouse crop protection

UV beams are part of the natural sunbeams and largely around us on a sunny day. One of the wavelengths from the UV beams (the UVC wavelength) kills virusses, bacteries and fungi. This property can be used for UVC disinfecting, and is a commonly used technology in food and medical sectors. […]

Micothon Amazone customized greenhouse spraying machine

Micothon is the inventor of air-assisted spraying in greenhouses, a technique that results in better penetration and coverage and therefore in better protection. Specially for commercial greenhouse growers we developed a customized spraying machine that can be placed upon your existing M-Lift tube rail trolley. Discover the patented air-supported Micothon Spraying Technique brought to you by Micothon and Metazet! […]

Micothon Mira

Micothon Mira is the second system that is suited for plastic greenhouses. Two years ago the successful EX 4-row robot was introduced, today followed by the new one- row model: the Mira. For better, safer and easier application of modern green cropprotection products. […]

Micothon EX

The Micothon EX has been developed especially for plastic greenhouses. The Micothon EX ensures an improved systematic spray result. This simplified design uses the Micothon air-assisted spraying technology for a relatively low cost. […]